What we offer?

Minz Private Limited is a consultancy and advisory company facilitating training abroad and study abroad programs.


MINZ consultancy is working directly with over 300 universities abroad to provide an opportunity for both undergrad and grad students who want to study abroad on scholarships, either merit or need based. Assistance is provided with the entire process of admissions and applying to a university abroad (right from selecting one to meeting all its entry requirements).

  • No living cost.
  • Paid stipend.
  • Upto 110% scholarships.


High school students, Undergrad as well as postgrad students who are currently enrolled in a university program in Pakistan are provided a wide range of internship opportunities in renowned companies around the world. This enables them to gain the necessary experience essential to excel in both academics and their careers later on. An internship provides students the opportunity to help connect classroom theory with real-life experience.

  • Paid stipend.


MINZ private limited provides a team of professional experts that guide the students to select a university, program, organization, trainers and country that best fits their background, needs and future goals. Counselling is also provided in terms of the entire application process as well as securing a visa in the country of interest.


No matter which organization you are employed in the ever changing needs of the industry require that their workforce constantly develop their skills and learn new ones. With the advancement of technology and the influx of young graduates the concept of laying off deskilled and inflexible labour has become a norm. Companies want employees who can work to generate them maximum profits and help them stay ahead of their competitors. To achieve this target only those employees are allowed to stay in the game who are familiar with the latest trends, knowledge and skills necessary for their area of work.

How to Apply

Following is the general process.

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Internships: Placement offers as well as fully funded internships are provided.
Students must submit their CV, internship eligibility letter, application form.

Trainings: For trainings the applicants CV, letter from the office (currently working in) and copy of passport are to be submitted.

Scholarships: To ensure smooth functioning of the application process all educational documents, IELTS score, 2 reference letters, statement of purpose, copy of passport and a research proposal (only for Mphil and PHD) are essential requirements.


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